A high quality-standard means safety for our customers and partners

In order to fully assure the quality of our products in accordance with customer`s requirements our activities and processes are controlled by an integrated and process-oriented quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 which we develop further continuously.

All quality-relevant characteristics of the processes and products are constantly monitored on site and in our quality department. This ensures a consistent and impeccable quality for our customers: Flawless surfaces, homogeneous strengths, good corrosion protection.

Regular trainings of our employees serve exchange of experience, development of competence and awareness of the influence of their activities on the intended result.

Scheduled work, continuous monitoring, evaluation of data and information as well as the competence of our employees are the basis for our continuous improvement process and the assurance of the quality of our products.

Environmental protection and the economical use of energy and resources are also a high priority for us and are an integral part of our corporate policy. We endeavor to continuously optimize our production processes with regard to quality and environmentally friendly production of our products, i.e.:

  • Economical use of energy
  • Optimization of the use of auxiliary and operating materials
  • Prevention and reduction of production residues and emissions