Prestressing steel

Without prestressing steel, modern buildings would no longer be conceivable today.

So they often appear on traffic routes and airports, it spans rivers and valleys, it secures slopes and dams, etc.

Prestressing strands

7-wire prestressing steel strands are produced in the dimension range from 9.30 mm to 15.70 mm. Both bright and corrosion-protected versions (e.g. greased and HDPE-coated) are part of our production program.

The material can be delivered in coils from 2.0 t up to  4.0 t. As a special size we offer steel reels with a net weight of approx. 18 t.

Prestressing steel wire

Prestressing steel wire is produced with a smooth or indented surface. The dimensional range reaches from 5.00 mm to 10.50 mm. For dimensions up to 7.00 mm, a galvanized version is available with plain surface.

Prestressing steel wire can be supplied in coils of approx. 1.250 – 2.500 kg, as well as in bars with a length up to 2.600 mm with thread and up to 3.900 mm without thread.