Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a high priority within the company and is an integral part of our corporate policy. Embedded in our management system, we use the methods and tools stored there to optimize the use of energy, supplies and supplies to avoid or reduce emissions and production residues. The products themselves must not be harmful to the environment.

In terms of self-conception, we not only focus on adhering to the legal and regulatory framework that applies to our production plant and our products; we also focus on the conservation of resources. The preventive approach is already taken into account in our product and process development and is consistently integrated in the further development of our company through the continuous improvement approach.

Active occupational health and safety, as a sign of quality and professionalism!

Our aim is to make occupational health and safety effective through prevention and education. By recognizing risks, we are able to purposefully minimize sources of danger.

We do everything in our power to continually increase safety awareness so that accident events can be reduced and the health of all employees effectively protected.

To achieve this aim, the working conditions are constantly reviewed and adapted to the current state of the art. This also ensures a high quality standard in the processes and procedures.

Through continuous training and support of the employees, in terms of occupational health and safety, they should be actively involved. Every employee has the responsibility to actively participate in the improvement of occupational health and safety at DWK.

Energy management

at DWK stands for: Innovative Products - Produced Energy-Efficiently

DWK strives for the careful use of energy to protect the environment. For this we rely on innovative technology and production processes. Our employees are trained and involved in the process with the aim of avoiding waste of energy.

To achieve this aim, DWK operates a certified energy management system, in accordance with ISO 50001: 2011.

For regular self control and self-affirmation a comprehensive key performance monitoring is essential. This allows us to detect deviations promptly and to take corrective actions.


We, the DWK Drahtwerk Köln GmbH, appreciate the trust of our contractual partners and employees. The protection of personal data is of utmost importance to us. Compliance with legal provisions - such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) - is a matter of course for us. Our internal privacy organization is designed so that internal processes comply with data protection regulations. At the same time, we are observing innovations in the area of ​​data protection and, if necessary, implementing new processes to maintain the desired level of data protection.