Year Event
1873 the foundation stone for a factory to produce wire was laid by Felten & Guilleaume in Mülheim on the Rhine which later became Cologne-Mülheim.
1912 to guarantee material supplies, Felten & Guilleaume took over all the shares of the rolling mill (Böcking) founded in 1872.
1920 an agreement covering the supply of raw material (wire rod) was made with the ARBED steel group from Luxembourg which acquired an important shareholding.
1968 ARBED took over Felten & Guilleaume's low and high carbon steel business and reorganized its wire processing works in Cologne, Berlin, St. Ingbert, Gentbrugge, Wichelen, Merelbeke and Bissen. The Cologne factory was named Felten & Guilleaume Carlswerk Eisen und Stahl GmbH.
1972 the name changed to ARBED-F&G Drahtwerke Köln GmbH.
1979 the name changed to TrefilARBED Drahtwerk Köln GmbH.
1984 a change of ownership from ARBED to SAARSTAHL AG took place due to restructuring of the steel industry in Saarland.
1993 the name changed to TrefilEUROPE Deutschland GmbH as a result of the creation of DHS Dillinger Hütte SAARSTAHL.
After SAARSTAHL AG had to declare insolvency in May, TrefilEUROPE Deutschland GmbH also had to do the same in June.
1994 a new company called TrefilEUROPE Drahtwerk Köln GmbH was founded in March. SAARSTAHL Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, a 100% owned subsidiary of SAARSTAHL AG, is the owner of the company.
1995 the name of the company changed to DWK Drahtwerk Köln GmbH. It took over a part of the former activities of the Cologne wire works.