Special steel wires


Rope wires

For the production of steel cables we produce high-strength steel wires in the dimension range from 0.50 mm up to 6.00 mm with a bright or corrosion-protected (Zn or ZnAl) surface.

Cable armouring wires

We produce round wires from 2.00 mm up to 8.50 mm.

Deliveries are made in accordance with national and international standards. In special cases deliveries according to other standards or customer`s specifications are possible upon agreement.

Wire for "punching and bending parts"

A description of "punching and bending parts" application would lead to an endless list of products and areas.

In all areas of private and professional life you will find "punching and bending parts" made of wire for a widespread range of applications starting with most precise fasteners and ending with door fittings.

For this application we offer wires in round and flat cross sections. Both bright and corrosion protected surfaces (Zn or ZnAl coated) are possible.